Auto Center

  • General Mechanics

    Is your vehicle is in need of repairs or a tune-up? We offer widespread services in general mechanics for all makes and models of cars and trucks, including European vehicles and luxury cars.

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  • Wheel Alignment

    Many vehicle owners are not aware of the importance of a good wheel alignment.

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  • Auto Brakes

    Auto brakes are vital to road safety, as they allow drivers to adjust their speed when they encounter obstacles on the road.

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  • Tire Sale

    Mécanobec sells both new tires and used tires in order to provide its clients with a wide selection of products.

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  • Auto Suspension

    When driving, there’s nothing more irritating than a used or faulty auto suspension. Every bump in the road seems intensified and your comfort takes a hit.

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  • Air Conditioning Repair

    During the summer, driving becomes unbearable without air conditioning.

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Auto Centre

Are you seeking a courteous, reliable and honest auto centre? Mécanobec Auto Centre is a family-owned business known for its excellent auto repair services for all types of vehicles. We offer general mechanics, as well as specialized automotive services.

For more information on our services, we invite you to browse the following sections:

About Us

Since its establishment in 1990 by Serge Laniel, Mécanobec Auto Centre has lived up to its spotless reputation in the Lanaudière region. Our team distinguishes itself by its extensive knowledge and skills of general auto mechanics. At Mécanobec Auto Centre, our mechanics and technicians have many years of experience and are able to meet our clients’ expectations and needs.

Courtesy Vehicles

Voitures de courtoisie

For your convenience, Mécanobec Auto Centre offers courtesy vehicles for lengthier repairs. You can therefore pursue your normal activities without interruption.